Expectations & Entitlements of Financial Members of Half Moon Bay SLSC

Full Member

  • Finance

    Pay all Club, LSV / SLSA entry fees. NO carnival entry fees are included in the membership fee.
  • Award

    Bronze Medallion holder and must have Working with Children card when over 18yrs. Must pass requal each season. 13-15yrs old must have SRC.
  • Patrol

    Peform volunteer hours of patrol as per roster at Half Moon Bay Beach.
  • Club Access

    Patrolling, Bronze holding members 17yrs+ will have full access to all club areas and may apply for a key fob.
  • Access to Club Boards & Skis

    Patrolling, Bronze holding members 17yrs+ have access to Club training boards and skis after attending a training session and being told how to look after the equipment and which equipment can be used.

  • Use of Club Boards & Skis

    Patrolling, Bronze holding members who compete in Open Carnivals and keep up with the organized training sessions have priority use of club boards and skis.
  • Comp Spec Board Ski Storage

    Storage permitted if we have space for Patrolling, Bronze holding members ONLY. Priority to most regular and most competent trainers. Please do not ask to store non Comp Spec craft.
  • Function Room Hire Discount

    Full discount applicable but please do not create bookings on behalf of an external family member or friend as it hurts our revenue.
  • Terms & Conditions of Membership
    Yes, I agree to abide by all of the HMB SLSC Policies and understand the expectations & entitlements of my membership outlined above

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