Dear Member,

Having a Club in such a great location is indeed a privilege. In return Half Moon Bay members patrol the beach for the community and perform rescues.

In turn having access to our club is a privilege. It is earned by helping our club perform Life saving Duties. Before requesting access to the Club ask yourself “Am I really helping get life saving duties done?”

If the answer is “yes”.

1. Please download the form and fill it out.
2. Pay for your FOB via the web site.
3. Place your application in the FOB Fairy box and wait for message from the FOB Fairy that your FOB has arrived.
4. Email the Fob Fairy that you have paid and have dropped him a note in his box
5. Please be patient the FOB fairy is a volunteer and has other Fairy Duties. He is also known as is Fairy Nuff.
Fair enough?

Fob Form