MONJON Cerberus Swim Classic 2022
Corporate Team Event

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For the first time in the Cerberus Swim Classic history, we are offering the corporate team event.

Teamwork is embedded in the culture at Half Moon Bay. So we are creating an opportunity for you to foster teamwork within your organisation.

We would love to have you involved in our event!

Our goals for the team event

  • To build camaraderie
  • To encourage physical activity
  • To promote community participation
Now is the time to bring your workers together and create some excitement in the office!

This event is all about having fun with your colleagues and taking on an achievable challenge.

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Event information

Date: 26th February 2022
Location: Half Moon Bay Beach, Black Rock
Registration closes: Friday, 25 February 2022 at 6:00pm

9:00am 2.5km Cerb Swim
10:30am 1.2km Corporate Event
10:45am 1.2km 60+ and 70+
11:00am 1.2km 50+
11:15am 1.2km 40+
11:30am 1.2km 30+
11:45am 1.2km Open and U18

Corporate Team Race

Teams of 4 Each team member completes the 1.2km swim
$600 entry includes catered social event on club deck post race

Want your team to match?

Order before 11/2/2022