FOB Access to Club

Having a Club in such a great location is indeed a privilege. In return Half Moon Bay members patrol the beaches and perform rescues ensuring the safety of the community that visits there. Having access to our Club is also a privilege which is earned by helping our Club perform its Life Saving Duties.

Patrolling Members Only

FOB Access is only available to current patrolling members.

Approval & Payment

Once your request has been approved you will be required to pay for your FOB via the one off payment button below. Please be patient as the FOB fairy is a volunteer and has other Fairy Duties. He is also known as is Fairy Nuff. Fair enough?

Email Enquiry
Fob Payment

FOB Application Form

      I currently do not have outstanding monies owing to HMB Surf Life Saving Club
       I agree not to lend the FOB key I am given
       I agree to notify the club immediately if the FOB key is missing
       I agree to ensure the club is locked after I have used it
       I understand that having a FOB key is a special privilege for HMB patrol members and not a right of membership
       I agree that my FOB key will be terminated if I have money outstanding with HMB over 30 days
       I understand that I am required to be an active patrolling member of HMB to maintain the privilege of having FOB access to HMB Surf Life Saving Club